Ventilation Ducts

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Fiberglass Duct is the ideal choice for corrosive environments. Due to the inherent corrosion resistance properties of Fiberglass. Our Duct will perform year after year with no maintenance and no worry about rusting or leaking joints. Depending on the application Dura-Tech will recommend a premium corrosion resistant liner in addition to the natural fiberglass properties to ensure compatibility for the environment.

Guaranteed Fit

Dura-Tech offers a complete Fiberglass duct, Design Fabrication and installation package. For installations where the main components are in place we literally take the guess work out of the fit, by conducting a laser survey of components and positions. From there we use our 3D software to develop a customized set of duct components that are guaranteed to fit.


Dura-Tech offers a complete installation service to ensure integrity of the seal from start to finish. We a have highly skilled and trained field crew that travel to site for quick installation. Popular uses are:
  • Waste water Treatment Facilities
  • Pulp and Paper Industry
  • Mining
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