To keep everything ship-shape on a ship, sometimes you need to call in the experts.

Dura-Tech is proud to have been part of the ship repair industry for nearly 20 years. We can expertly repair and maintain marine fiberglass for a variety of vessels.

Our team members are trained to work quickly and efficiently in confined spaces, and they’re equipped with the explosion-proof lights, exhaust fans, and specialty tools they need for working on board a vessel.

Our employees are trained extensively in the underwater bonding of fiberglass to steel, as well as several epoxy shaft-coating systems. We carry $5,000,000 in ship repairers liability insurance to ensure there is never any concern.

Our marine services include:

  • Tank Lining
  • Fiberglass Repairs
  • Epoxy coatings
  • Epoxy filling and compounds
  • Propellor shaft wrapping
  • Underwater fiberglass components
  • Fiberglass pipe repair
  • Freezer liners
  • Locker liners
  • Lifeboat repairs
  • Cabin shower liners

We also fabricate numerous ship products, such as corrosion-resistant battery boxes, fiberglass exhaust pipes, insulated exterior lockers, heated storage lockers, equipment covers, and hatch covers.

Here at Dura-Tech, we also offer complete marine insulation services – everything from fiberglass pipe covering to reusable exhaust blankets. Our asbestos-free materials are available in sheets, hull boards, insulation boards, and custom-made blankets.

People don’t always realize the importance of insulation when it comes to marine safety and efficiency. But a properly-insulated exhaust system protects a crew from being burned on a hot surface and keeps the working area more comfortable. A properly-insulated refrigeration system maintains optimal performance and remains energy-efficient. Insulation also helps reduce noise and isolate pipes.

Looking to modify an existing fiberglass tank? Dura-Tech is here to work with you. 

We’ve been designing, building, and modifying tanks for more than 25 years. If you have a fiberglass tank that needs to be expanded, shortened, raised, supported, or otherwise modified, let’s talk about the details and make a plan. 

If you’re dealing with a metal or fibreglass tank that’s damaged or worn, stop and think about how easy it would be to remove it and replace it — especially if it’s in a tight area.

We often get panicked calls from clients who have a damaged tank that’s tucked into a nook in a plant or basement, and removing it would involve knocking down a few walls.

That’s why we’re proud to offer corrosion-resistant fiberglass tank lining. We work with your existing tank, bringing all the necessary tools and equipment to create a custom corrosion-resistant fiberglass tank lining.

Our team members will arrive fully prepared with the proper breathing and exhaust equipment. They are also trained to work in confined spaces.

In no time at all, our clients have a brand-new, custom-made corrosion-resistant fiberglass tank lining in their tank. It’s a much more cost-effective solution than buying a new tank, and it doesn’t require knocking down any walls or disrupting the area surrounding the tank.

The mining industry has unique requirements, and we understand exactly what’s required.

We are Cognibox certified and we carry liability insurance, so we meet or exceed all safety, quality assurance, and WCB regulations.

Because the work sites can be dangerous, we pay strict attention to the details — and make safety the No. 1 priority.

Whether we’re building or installing a 40-ft diameter tank, we have the skills and equipment that make us a leader in the mining industry.

Need a fiberglass tank repaired? We’re the experts you can call anytime. Here at Dura-Tech, we believe in travelling directly to our customers in order to repair tanks and fix any problems — even if you didn’t purchase it from us. Our team members regularly travel across Canada and the U.S. — and well as off-shore — to help our customers

The best way to prevent a problem is by being prepared. That’s why we encourage business owner to have their tanks inspected every two years.

Our team members are trained in the proper procedures for isolating and ventilating tanks, as well as checking the necessary components and looking for damage or deterioration.

If a steel tank develops a leak, it could delaminate and allow the material to get behind the liner — compromising the tank’s integrity. Fixing an issue before it causes damage is always cheaper than fixing something after it’s failed.

We will then provide a full report on our findings, which allows the client to know the exact state of their tank.

If it looks like it will need to be replaced in a few years, this allows the client to plan for that cost in an upcoming budget — rather than being caught off-guard by the tank suddenly failing.

Sometimes you have to get into the nooks and crannies of a project in order to really make a difference — whether it’s to do an installation, to perform routine maintenance, or to fix a problem. 

Here at Dura-Tech, we’re no stranger to working in confined spaces. Our team members are trained to work quickly and efficiently in tight areas, and they’re always equipped with the proper gear.

Our team has been working on vessels and tankers across eastern Canada for more than 25 years.

We have extensive experience in underwater fiberglass application, including designing and building replacement components to a vessel’s exact specifications.

Travelling to shipyards across the coast, we work quickly and carefully to ensure the job is done right the first time.

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