FRP Pipe Reducers

Our customers asked for a one-step pipe reduction fitting, and we delivered! 

Dura-Tech has a complete line of concentric pipe reducers and eccentric pipe reducers that are compatible with flanged PVC, carbon steel, and stainless steel pipe and fittings.

Our pipe reducers are nearly 1/4 the weight of similar steel components, which means Dura-Tech customers enjoy significant cost savings for shipping, handling, and installation.

Dura-Tech pipe reducers are rust-proof, easy to install, and made from heavy-duty fiberglass construction. They are made with a standard 150 lb. bolting pattern, and meet or exceed PS 15-69 and ASTM specifications. 

Download FRP Pipe Reducer Specifications

Download FRP Pipe Reducer Brochure

Optional features and accessories: 

  • Abrasion resistant liners
  • Custom lengths
  • Angled flanges
  • Custom mounting brackets
  • Multiple or additional flanged or threaded outlets
  • Gaskets and fasteners

To ask a question about our Pipe Reducers or to place an order, please contact Dura-Tech today.

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