For more than 25 years, Dura-Tech has been designing and creating top-quality fiberglass, aquaculture tanks for sale in all shapes and sizes for fish farming. We understand the importance of getting the right tank for the job – one that circulates the water properly and controls the flow for optimal fish circulation.


Our industrial tanks are made from high-performance resins in order to resist corrosion and heat damage and safely store dangerous chemicals. We work with our customers to create industrial tanks to meet specific requirements for insulation and operating temperatures, as well as environmental conditions and area restrictions. 

Onsite Services

At Dura-Tech we believe in going directly to the customer and tackling their project on site. We can safely deliver and install products, perform routine maintenance, and fix any problems.A


Our Fabrication Process

Dura-tech Industries build tough fiberglass tanks for aquaculture and industrial use. The production process is a hand-made, CAD design with incredible attention to the details. Fiberglass products that last.