Expanded Seawater Lab

The 6,000-square-feet lab, located in SMAST East, is designed to allow scientist the ability to conduct multiple experiments simultaneously and is configured with the flexibility to accommodate faculty members’ research needs. Dura-tech Industries help to design and build all the fiberglass equipment in this innovative, high tech lab.

School of Marine Science and Technology

Located in New Bedford, Massachusetts the School for Marine Science & Technology (SMAST) is a 64,000 sq. ft. research facility that is the home of a number of labs, classrooms, offices, and UMass Dartmouth Faculty. The expanded seawater lab is designed by Tag Engineering to allow scientists the ability to conduct multiple experiments simultaneously with over 20 different environments for monitoring sea life. 

Dura-tech, working closely with SMAST engineers, designed a series of fiberglass components that help store, circulate and filter seawater so scientists can emulate real-life conditions inside a lab.

SMAST scientists conduct research in biogeochemical cycling, coastal ecosystem dynamics and restoration, computational modelling, fisheries science and management, marine renewable energy, ocean observing/remote sensing, and ocean physics. The facility is use primarily to support advance graduate studies where students and faculty study cutting edge areas in marine science and technology. 

The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth is a public university with over 8,600 students across five campuses. In 2019 UMass Dartmouth ranked 76th in the United States for advanced graduate studies.