Our Fabrication Process

Our Fabrication Process

Our tank construction method consists of using one of our fiberglass production moulds or building a custom mould for a specific application. Once the mould is selected or built, a release agent is applied to ensure a good release of each part.

The next step is to apply either an internal gelcoat, or in some cases, a chemical resistant corrosion barrier. In both cases careful attention is always paid to ensure that the optimum thicknesses are met and gauged for accuracy.

The main laminate consisting of corrosion resistant resin and chopped strand glass is then applied using the chopper gun or hand layup, depending on the size of the tank. Once the design wall thickness is achieved, the reinforcing support ribs are fiberglass into place.

We then release the tank from the mould, trim the edges, install any fittings or accessories, and prepare the exterior surface for an outer UV protective gelcoat if required. We then perform thorough inspection prior to delivery.

We build tanks to ASTM 4097 Standards. Our reducers are built to PS 15-69 and ASTM specifications.