Waste Water Treatment

Dura-Tech has been building products for the Waste Water Treatment industry since we opened our doors in 1986. Fiberglass is an ideal material for many components of a Waste Water Treatment facilities, Where corrosion resistance and a long life is mandatory of all tanks covers and ductwork we are able to offer Top Quality proven products.

Fiberglass Dome Covers

Digesters, Chlorine Contact chambers, anywhere odor control is needed. Dura-Tech can offer design and fabrication of a custom size set of covers that will meet your requirements.

These covers are made using a premium grade resin for long lasting durability and finished with a UV stable gelcoat. These covers can be designed for easy access to controls and valves with hinged hatches. All fasteners and hardware are always stainless steel.

  • Aerobic Digester Covers
  • Aeration Tank Covers
  • Primary Settling Tank Covers
  • Anaerobic Digester Covers
  • Sludge Tank Covers
  • Equipment Covers

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Fiberglass Duct

Most often Fiberglass duct is the cost effective choice for containing the flow of corrosive air through the activated carbon reactors, fans and scrubbers.

Dura-Tech offers a complete fabrication service, from general arrangement drawings we will come to the job site, carry out a controlled dimension survey of all duct equipment and flanges. We will then develop accurate shop drawings from which all required components including Tees, Elbows Transition pieces are fabricated.

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