Industrial Tank Accessories

Tank Heating Systems

Dura-Tech offers factory installed heating systems on all of our Vertical, Horizontal and Bulk tanks over 36” diameter. Construction features:

  • Designed with a proprietary, multi-path, parallel circuit heating element that is virtually impossible to burn out
  • Uniform, low watt density design to avoid hot spots and overheating
  • Incorporates an aluminum grounding shield that covers the entire back surface of the heater and improved termination features to comply with the most recent revisions to the National Electric Code.
  • Pressure laminated epoxy composite that provides an incredibly strong, flexible, waterproof and corrosion-resistant NEMA Grade G-10/FR-4 construction
  • Cold leads can be either routed from the panel’s low-profile termination under the tank insulation or taken directly through the tank insulation for connection to the power supply and control system
  • Low and ultra-low power density heating panels are available for very heat sensitive applications
  • Easy installation, can be banded on or wound on while the FRP tank is on the mandrel.
  • FM Approved for use in classified (hazardous), unclassified (non-hazardous), wet and corrosive environments.

Ladders & Platforms

  • Structural ladder side members are designed to provide the maximum load requirement.
  • Ladder rungs are designed for the maximum load bearing capabilities under the OSHA standards.
  • Fiberglass Stand-off brackets ensure that operators have adequate room for a good foot hold when accessing a structure.
  • 1" diameter rungs for ease of ascending or descending our ladder systems.
  • A variety of finishes are available from the standard red oxide primer to hot-dipped galvanizing.
  • Optional security ladder guards as well as ladder gates to prevent un-authorized use of caged ladder systems.
  • Safety cages are designed to OSHA specifications.
  •  Stand-off platforms designed to suit customer requirements

Level Site Gauges

  • Magnetic gauge board for simple “tank-inservice” installations(no welding required)
  • Unique float design – no need for guide wires
  • Large easy to read gauge board with reflective, long-life 3M decal
  • Complete gauge package supplied – no additional parts required
  • Excellent for retrofit applications
  • Tank Internals : Stainless Steel, Teflon and Fiberglass
  • Magnetically Activated Proximity Switches can be added for high/low alarm set points
  • Accommodates most vessel shapes and sizes
  • Add CSA Class 1, Div. 1 Point Switch
  • Cost-effective gauging of Sour fluids

Fittings & Manways

Although our Tanks come Dura-Tech offers a full range of sizes for our Fiberglass nozzles and flanged fittings on all of our tanks.

FNTP nozzles from 1/2” – 6”

#150 lb Flanged fittings from 3/4” – 20”

Manways form 24” & 30”

Stainless Steel Fittings(Special Order)

U - Vents

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