Industrial Tanks

Fiberglass Industrial Tanks

Here at Dura-Tech, we take pride in building top-quality industrial tanks that fit your exact specifications. 

Our industrial tanks are made from high-performance resins in order to resist corrosion and heat damage and safely store dangerous chemicals. We work with our customers to create industrial tanks to meet specific requirements for insulation and operating temperatures, as well as environmental conditions and area restrictions. 

These industrial tanks can be used for sprinkler reservoir systems, livestock feeding stations, emergency water supplies, campgrounds, campgrounds, resorts, or residential water collection. You can feel confident that your water is being stored in a clean, hygienic environment.

All of our fiberglass tanks are rust-proof, lightweight, and extremely durable. They are manufactured using a premium resin, with a combination of fiberglass chopped strand and woven glass products.

These tanks are easy to transport, and we can also deliver and install them for you. You’re able to test them before and after installation, and we stand behind our work 100%.

Optional features and accessories include:

  • Insulated exterior jacket
  • Heat tape embedded into the tank laminate
  • Hatches with stainless steel latches & hardware
  • Fiberglass manways and covers
  • Fiberglass manway extensions/collars
  • Flanged and gusseted fiberglass nozzles
  • PVC couplings
  • Anchoring systems
  • Tank ladders
  • Fill tubes
  • Pump platforms
  • Stainless steel fittings
  • Exccentric bottoms
  • Conical bottoms 

For more information on our Industrial Tanks, please contact Dura-Tech today.

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