Dura-Tech collaborates on municipal job to guarantee a perfect fit

When a municipality was setting up a sewage treatment plant, they decided to save money by having their team putting the components in place and adding the fiberglass ductwork at the end. They ran into trouble because nothing was fitting, and they brought us in to fix the situation. It required a lot of confined space work, but we finished everything and they were pleased.

So when it came time to set up additional plants in the area, I asked if they’d like to hire us for the ductwork -- to avoid the problems they’d encountered the first time around. They said they’d contract us to make the parts, and their own crew would do the installation.

The condition was that everything had to fit perfectly, or it would be our cost to rectify it. So we brought in a surveyor with a laser measuring system to measure all of the components. Most of these were 60- and 70-foot long pipes, each one 4-5 feet in diameter.

We would design and manufacture all of the components, deliver them, and their crew would assemble them. The fit was perfect, and everyone was really happy. Then we’d go over afterwards and cover all of the seams so they were properly sealed, so there was a lot of collaboration. It all went very smoothly.