Aquaculture Fiberglass Tanks

Dura-Tech Offers the largest selection
of Aquaculture Tanks in Eastern Canada
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Degassing Tanks, Bio Filters, Swirl Separators, Combi Tanks and more...

Why buy Dura-Tech Aquaculture Tanks?

At Dura-Tech we have built our business on customer satisfaction. You can count on us to provide Top Quality Fiberglass tanks on time and at a competitive price. You will find our sales staff to be knowledgeable in all aspects of tank fabrication. We are only a phone call away! Because we have been fabricating aquaculture tanks for over 25 years, we know how to take your project from the concept to installation.

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Why Fiberglass?

Fiberglass composites have revolutionized nearly every industry we know today. With fiberglass, you get the best of both worlds, the corrosion resistance of high quality resins and gelcoats, and the inherent lightweight strength of composite products. The versatility of fiberglass has made it the product of choice for hatcheries and fish farms throughout the aquaculture industry.

What about Delivery?

We can handle all of the delivery arrangements for truck transportation to our customers in both Canada and the US. We work closely with our transport partners to design and model our trailer loads for maximum efficiency and cost effectiveness. Please contact us for information on special delivery options and for off shore transport.

Can Dura-Tech build Custom Tanks?

Absolutely! We offer design assistance starting from concept sketches. Most of our aquaculture tanks are built from full production moulds, however, when a custom tank with specific dimensions is required we build one-off moulds. With custom moulds, a specific mould is made to suit, with the expectation of only a few pulls.

This approach is typically more labour intensive per part, but provides the advantage of complete flexibility in terms of shape and size without the investment usually associated with a full production mould where hundreds of parts are expected to be produced.

Standard Features:
  • Rustproof, long-lasting fiberglass construction
  • Manufactured using a premium resin, with a combination of fiberglass chopped strand and woven glass products
  • Placement of reinforcing ribs at designated locations and orientation that provides optimal strength and durability
  • Our Tanks are very low maintenance and lightweight
  • Easy to transport and install
  • Able to be tested before and after installation
  • Isopthalic Food Grade Gelcoats
  • UV Protective exterior Gelcoat
  • Built to ASTM D4097
  • Smooth Interior
  • Variety of Colours
  • Delivery to site
  • Assembly of parts
  • No minimum or maximum sizes
Optional Features and Accessories:
  • Support stands
  • Side pods
  • Sump and Stand pipe assemblies
  • Fiberglass covers
  • Flanged nozzles with gussets
  • PVC couplings
  • FRP couplings
  • On-site technical support available
Check back often! We are always adding new tank sizes to our inventory of available tanks models.

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