Dura-Tech steps in to save the day after a client blows the top off their tank

A municipality contacted us with an emergency request from their wastewater treatment plant. Their crew had over-pressurized a sodium hypochlorite tank during a fill-up, and it had blown the top of the tank right off -- leaving the contents exposed to the environment, and increasing the chance of the tank being ruined.

We sent a crew out to examine the tank -- which was 18 feet high and 10 feet in diameter -- and they asked if we could design and build a temporary top for them as quickly as possible.

We received the go-ahead on a Wednesday, exactly one week before Christmas, so it was a very tight timeline. We jumped straight into the design and construction, and had the new top installed on Monday -- just five days after the initial request, and two days before Christmas.

Although the cover was secured as a weather-tight temporary cover, we built it to full standards so it could be either temporary or permanent. If the client decided to keep it as the tank’s permanent top, they had the option to empty the tank and have us install it permanently. They were very grateful we’d been able to help them out so quickly.